I believe in empowering and enriching humanity. I connect people and new perspectives to promote inclusion, diversity, and accessibility. I build solutions for problems worth solving, together.

"Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation."
Mayank Aggarwal
Name : Mayank Aggarwal
Phone : +91 8860 729 957
Email : mayankagg9722@gmail.com
Github : mayankagg9722
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It is amazing to see how fast technology has grown. I am really enthusiastic in solving in day-to-day problems of in people's life.

I love to learn, code and discover..and really interested in new startups to contribute something new to the society with technology.

Learning about new emerging technology and science is also one of my keen interest.


"Experience is the Foundation of Learning"
I am glad to mention few fields in which I have gain specialisation through my projects.

  • c


    I have experience of above 2 year in Android Development.

  • b


    I love to design apps for all platforms using Ionic and AngularJS.

  • f


    I have used SQL in designing a DB as well as NoSQL services like MongoDB integrating it in applications using NodeJS.

  • c

    Deep Learning

    I have implemented few Deep Leanring fundamentals of neural networks, supervised and unsupervised leanring after completing Nanodegree from Udacity.

  • d


    It's not possible to promote any of your developed product without SEO .

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    User Interface is a soul of a project.


I describe myself as an enthusiast in emerging technologies and programming languages. I am passionate about Machine learning, OpenCV and AR. And looking for the opportunities to hone my skills in a dynamic organization where I can contribute towards developing something which makes a difference to the society.

Data Structures And Algorithms


My work experience and contributions in some of companies and organisations.

  • 2018

    Software Engineer Intern
    (India Developemnt Centre)

    Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd.

    Responsible for designing extension for MyITVSO on Visual Studio Online (VSTS) and create backend services using typerscript, VSTS components, Web API 2 and Entity Framework and Karma and Jasmine for integration and testing.

  • 2018

    CS Team Head

    CanSat Competetion held by NASA

    Team Sammard at Creation Labs

    Our team ranked 1st in Asia and 18th place in the world among 105 teams at Texas, U.S.A. I am responsible for managing whole CS team and designing GUI, using JAVA that shows data from sensors using Socket Connection with Arduino.

  • 2017

    Intern - Hybrid App

    Dipper Technologies Pvt Ltd

    I have designed a progreesive web app for the company using Ionic and AngularJS. It is done for the shippers which helps to get the loads for their trucks.

  • 2016

    Android Developer


    I am a part of IEEE-CS and with the help of my team We havd designed an Android app for our College Fest VitRivera'17 that is rank in top 5 cultural fest in India.

  • 2017

    Android Developer

    Google Developer Group

    I am an Android and Backend developer in this organisation.

  • 2017

    backend Developer


    I am Backend developer in this organisation.





I have created an Android Application for my college web portal. It has over 13k active users. Our app is ranked 3rd on play store in India under productivity category. The app aimed to simplify the life of VITians.



NASA SpaceAppChallange'17

My team won the First Prize and selected as Global Nominee from India. Use satellite and other data to allow farmers, landowners, and land managers in your locale to identify and visualise water resources in their surroundings.
Youtube Video: Watch Video
Android App: Github Repo



App-A-Thon - Apple Developer Group

We got Second Prize (2nd) in the competition where 40-50 teams participated. We have built an Android and iOS App for the Dharavi Slums to handle and manage their hand-made products in the market with the proper business model and strategy.



IEEE-PELS Electric Make-A-Thon 2k17

We got Second Prize (2nd) in the hackathon Project SmartKitchen: This project is based on IOT and cloud computing which help in showing food recipes and helps in sorting out the ingredients in the kitchen.



Google Developer Group - DevFest'16

Platinum Award Winner Developed a chat based android application that used your heart beat as the parameter to determine your mood while you are chatting with next person. Based on your mood the app would suggest you the emoticon automatically and on clicking the emoticon, the emoticon is sent to the other person.



Indian Space Conclave 2017 - SEDS

Consolation prize Developed a prototype for MARS Rover that is GUI controlled through socket progmming with RaspberryPi.


Mobile : +91 8860 729 957
Email : mayankagg9722@gmail.com